Content Writing & Editing Services

by a Writer with a Master's Degree

Writer's FAQs


11. How do your writing/editing services stand out from all the other ones out there?

My professional writing services were added to my Etsy shop in winter 2013 after I obtained a Master's degree.  Specifically I was academically trained to draft, edit, and structure a quality written work, as well as write descriptively without hype or gimmicks.  In other words, earning an MA degree has deepened my ability, and credibility, to create content-based writing that is both highly detailed and effortlessly readable.  I get the point across without all the verbal fluff. 

A perfectionist, I strongly uphold a writer's ethics and integrity.

2. Where can I access your portfolio?

To maintain client privacy, I do not have a portfolio.  However, the writing I've done on my blog and shop are good indicators of my skills as a writer.  For reviews of my writing services and a quick glance-over of my writing abilities, see my Testimonials and also my Writing Samples.

3. Do you write term papers and/or other academic papers?

No, but I do provide editorial work.

4. Does a writer with an academic background really benefit the client?

This is a matter of opinion, but yes!  In my case, to obtain a Master's degree, I wrote and edited (again and again) a book-length thesis that synthesized theoretical concepts, historical laws, and literary close-reading analysis.  University professors read, edited, and signed off on my written work prior to my earning the MA degree.  It was a battle hard won!  I learned so much about the writing process itself.   

5. How do I purchase a writing or editing service?

Current TIW writing and editing services can be found and purchased here

6. Why is your shop name different from your main site here?

​See my About page for the explanation.  (Hint: jewelry maker turned academically trained writer.)

7. What payment method(s) do you accept?

Secure payments via PayPal or Etsy Payments, only.

8. Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, I do!  Contact me to ask about a custom order.

9. How long have you been writing for?

I've been an avid, and at times prolific, book reader and writer since early childhood.  In fact, my first autobiography was written at age 8 or 9 on the family's typewriter.  Although this autobiography was only a page long and very basic in content, it was the start of a creative endeavor that is now a large part of my life's work.  I began writing short stories and book chapters as an older child and preteen; composing poetry and experimenting with the written word in visual art comprised my teenage years through college.  After college graduation, I drafted two (unpublished) novels. 

Motherhood is my current stage, which has given me much inspiration to keep going as a writer, both to tell stories untold and to advocate for those who do not yet have the verbal capacity to do so for themselves. 

Currently, my writing style incorporates these stylistic elements to varying degrees, with my unique training as the backbone of my work.

This life-long firsthand experience of drafting and editing various written forms, in addition to earning a Master's degree, has honed a writer's versatile creativity and an editor's keen eye.  In addition, social justice is important for me to teach to the next generation.  It is with this integrity and ethics-driven mindset that I craft my writing services. 

(I'm also a lover of subtext, a stunning turn of phrase, and the unique rhythm of written works as well.)