1. How do your writing/editing services stand out from all the other ones out there?

My professional writing services were added to my Etsy shop in winter 2013 after I obtained a Master's degree.  Specifically I was academically trained to draft, edit, and structure a quality written work, as well as write descriptively without hype or gimmicks.  In other words, earning an MA degree has advanced my ability, and credibility, to create content-based writing that is both highly detailed and readable.  A perfectionist, I strongly uphold a writer's ethics and integrity.

2. Where can I access your portfolio?

To maintain client privacy, I do not have a portfolio.  However, the writing I've done on my blog and shop are good indicators of my skills as a writer.  For reviews of my writing services and a quick glance-over of my writing abilities, see my Testimonials and Writing Samples, respectively.

3. Do you write term papers and/or other academic papers?

No, I do not write academic-based and for-grade papers, but I do provide editorial work.

4. Why do you have an obscured photo of yourself on this site?

As my website name implies, I am an introverted academically trained writer--and I deeply value my privacy.  However, I do blog and have Pinterest and Instagram accounts for creative and marketing purposes.

5. Does a writer with an academic background really benefit the client?

This is a matter of opinion, but yes!  In my case, to obtain a Master's degree, I wrote a book-length thesis that synthesized theory and literary close-reading analysis.  Professors read, edited, and signed off on my written work, which shows that I can indeed write. 

6. How do I purchase a writing or editing service?

A current list of TIW writing and editing services can be found and purchased here

7. Why is your shop name different from your main site here?

​See my About page for the explanation.

8. What payment method(s) do you accept?

I accept secure payments via PayPal or Etsy Payments, only.

9. Do you accept custom orders?

Yes, I do!  Contact me to ask about a custom order.

10. How long have you been writing for?

I've been an avid, and at times prolific, book reader and writer since childhood; my first autobiography was written at age 8 or 9 on the family's typewriter.  Although this autobiography was only a page long and very basic in content, it was the start of a creative endeavor that is now my life's work.  I began writing short stories and book chapters as an older child and preteen; composing poetry and experimenting with the written word in visual art comprised my teenage years through college.  After college graduation, I drafted two (unpublished) novels.  Currently, my writing style incorporates all of these stylistic elements to varying degrees, with my unique academic training as the backbone of my work.

This life-long firsthand experience of drafting and editing various written forms, plus earning a Master's degree, has honed in me a writer's versatile creativity and an editor's keen eye.  It is with this integrity and ethics-driven mindset that I craft my writing services.  (I'm also a lover of subtext and the unique rhythm of written works.)

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Content Writing & Editing Services

Content Writing & Editing Services

by a Writer with a Master's Degree