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I'm Deanna, the woman behind The Introverted Writer.  I'm a writer with a Master's degree and a self-taught jewelry maker.  My Etsy shop, EmeraldCut, opened in 2010 with handmade jewelry and bookish wedding goods.  Content writing services were added in 2013 to fill the increasing need for quality writing that I saw was missing online.  

Credentials matter.  In 2013, I obtained a Master's degree from a State University.  Reflecting this academic training, my writing style is clearly organized, sharply observant, and introspective.  Wit and the occasional poetic turn of phrase imbue my work with a wordsmith's sensibility.  Integrity matters deeply to me: a writer's ethic is always upheld, and I never plagiarize or use writing templates.

When not writing I can be found chasing a toddler around the house, noticing punctuation and spelling errors in novels, ruminating over coffee (or tea), and taking short road trips with my equally introverted husband and toddler daughter.  I try to post regularly on my blogPinterest, and Instagram accounts.

Why choose The Introverted Writer?

In our technologically advanced world, an ever-growing demand emerges for content-driven high-readability writing.  A wordsmith with a Master's degree, The Introverted Writer specializes in professional writing services, and crafts custom writing from scratch without hype or gimmicks.  The result?  Quality writing that aptly withstands the test of time.  

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